Social Media and Small Businesses

Its Cost Effective and It Works Better

We are putting this one out there first because no small business has the money to spend on radio ads and television ads. Especially when social media is more effective than radio, television and traditional marketing. We see a lot of small businesses that think that social media management is only for large businesses. Social media management should be affordable and effective, it just takes the right agency. (Like a Social Media Agency specifically for small businesses and startups Wink, Wink).

Brand awareness and loyalty

Social media routinely puts your brand and it’s content in front of your targeted audience. While you can post and share content with your followers on places like Instagram and Twitter, places like Facebook Ad’s have introduced new features such as remarketing, which means that you can market your business to potential customers consistently. Having customers that can instantly recognize your brand and are loyal to your brand mean higher customer retention and a steady sale revenue from previous customers. You can share faster and easier.

Brand Voice

Brand voice is the collective tone, attitude, word choice and content that goes through all channels of your marketing. Really, it is how your customers perceive and interact with you. For example, Wendy’s has come out with a sarcastic and laid back brand voice. (If you have no clue what I’m talking about go check out their twitter it’s hilarious) Brand voice is used to do a multitude of things in marketing.

  1. It makes your business stand out from your competition. A sports clothing store that has a strong and inspirational brand voice will do better than one that just posts about their sales. (Ex. Nike vs. New Balance)
  2. It also makes you memorable in your own right. Being remembered as the adorable cupcake shop that posts cute cupcake puns that also has the best cupcakes in the galaxy feeds into your brands share ability.

Social Media Marketing is Better than Traditional Marketing

Why social media management? In traditional marketing there is a rule of thumb that says it takes the customer seeing your product 5 times before they will buy it. Unlike traditional media, social media is able to get those 5 occasions faster, to a more targeted audience and with a fraction of the cost.

It’s also a two way street. Unlike traditional marketing, you are not blasting out promotions for your business. It’s a conversation that can improve or change their thoughts on your business. Seeing how your business responds to bad comments can actually help create a better idea of your business in your potential customers.

Social Media Marketing and Management allow for you to hyper-target your audience. Geo-targeting your audience on social media means you can reach out to your potential new clients in the Ottawa region. There are new ways of hyper targeting audiences through geo-targeting  (Mansfield Inc. reports that posts with a location on them have a 79% more engagement) and also choosing attributes about your potential new clients such as what pages they have liked on Facebook and what products that have been looking at.

Social Media Increases SEO and Website Traffic

The more your social media gets shares, and the more you link to and from your website, the better your ranking on search engines will be.






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