Building a personal brand online

Facebook recently announced that they’ve surpassed two billion users. There are over 700 million accounts on Instagram. In a world where it seems like everyone is on social media, how are you supposed to stand out? While creating a brand for your business or product leads to higher sales and interaction, building your own personal brand online is also important in this digital age.


What’s your message?

It’s widely known that potential employers, coordinators, and schools look into your social media when they’re considering you for a position. Keep this in mind when you’re posting content on your social media. What do you want your Twitter feed to say about you? What do you want your followers to get out of your Instagram profile? Show off the things you’re passionate about, tweet about exciting things happening around you! If you enjoy engaging with your followers on your personal social platforms, your followers will enjoy sharing your life!


Be consistent!

If you’re looking to build an online following, consistency is key! Posting regularly is an important part of keeping up with a social media platform. Depending on how busy your day-to-day life is, this can mean different things for different people.

You should also try to be congruent across all of the social platforms you use. While each platform has a unique focus, you can share your Instagram posts on Facebook, and tweet a link to your newest blog post on Twitter!


Find your target market

Make good use of that hashtag! Targeting your content is a great way to widen your social following and reach out across the globe. If you’re a foodie for example, look through other Instagrams, and pay close attention to the hashtags they’re using on their posts. Following other people who have similar likes and interests can help grow your following as well! Share the #FollowBack love!


Don’t take things too seriously

Finally, remember that first and foremost, your personal social media is supposed to be a fun way to share your life with the people you love. If posting every day on Instagram is stressing you out, if you don’t understand the appeal of Twitter, no matter how hard you try, don’t worry about it! Make your social media your own, don’t let it own you.

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