5 Reasons to Outsource Your Social Media


Social media is 24/7. Consumers no longer wait to hear back from brands. For example, twitter as a platform is now used as a 24/7 customer support line. From Rogers to Wendy’s consumers are reaching out to brands to voice their concerns. This puts pressure on brands to be able to respond quickly, in order to turn a bad experience into a good one through social media.

In addition to timely responses, keeping engagement up on all platforms takes time. Platforms such as twitter and Instagram track how much you interact with other accounts and how much other accounts interact with you. If you do not have a lot of interaction, your photo’s will not show up on other people’s time lines. It is important to be engaged with your audience or else you will be loosing reach on your social platforms.

Community building, nurturing followers who like your product and creating a community centered around your brand, takes hours of interaction and strategy. Most small business owners don’t have the time to spend 24 hours a day on social media responding to comments, complaints, recommendations, likes, tags and also interacting with users.


Making sense of which tweet did better, comparing the popularity of your hashtags within your target audience of 18-35 male with at least one or more “like” on a car related Facebook page is analytics. Instead of hiring someone to muddle through it, hire an agency that knows what your data means and knows how to turn it into success and growth for your business. Analytics can make or break your social media marketing. Because social media marketing is able to be hyper-targeted, it has a higher lead to close rate than traditional media. Analytics help you to reach your target audience and get them through the door to your business.


Content has to tell a story. Social media is different from traditional media because it isn’t blaring your message out into the social abyss. Its crafting a well told story that draws consumers to keep coming back. Content also has to be high quality, relevant, fit within your brand and speak to your audience.

High quality content will capture your target audiences attention and draw more people to your brand. When brand content is high quality and relatable, it spreads faster to more people, as compared with low quality content.


Consumers need to see your brand interacting with them in a timely matter. Posts should not be far and few in between in order to build trust between the consumer and your business


Social media management for small businesses should be cost effective for you. An experienced social media agency that can give you results online and increase your leads, revenue, branding, customer trust, customer retention and internet presence will give you a great return-on-investment.

Social media marketing has also changed the marketing game. Social media marketing is more effective than traditional media, while only being a fraction of the cost.

In Short, Out Source Your Social Media Marketing and Management to Grow Your Business


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