Small Business Hacks

We work with some lovely small businesses. While we pride ourselves in growing small businesses and helping them achieve their goals through targeted social media marketing, we’ve come along some cool tips and tricks for small businesses.

Cut out “Multi Tasking”

Multitasking is unfortunately a myth. Our brains are actually wired to mono task, undertaking only one task at a time. A 2009 study by Stanford University found that multitaskers took significantly longer to do a set amount of tasks, compared to those that “Mono-Tasked.”  Small businesses have a lot to get done. Instead of trying to do three tasks at once, do them one at a time to get them done faster and better.

Organize (The Right Way)

Your mom used to tell you to “make your bed and clean your room,” we are updating that to organize your office and file all your forms. . Everything is easier to find when your office is organized.

Cleaning up your office and making it pristine is a good start, but making sure all your important files are filed away can be more of a pain. We suggest creating a google drive. That way information can be shared with the right person and it can be available 24/7 in case of emergency. You can also create a folder for every aspect of your small business.

Make To Do Lists

Breaking up your tasks into chunks on your to-do list and crossing them off lets you focus on one task at a time, feel like you’re accomplishing tasks and keep you motivated.


Your business is your expertise. You are the best cake baker on this side of Canada, your painting skills can be compared to Michelangelo, but for tasks that are outside of your area of expertise, it is better to outsource. For example, you could do your businesses social media yourself, or you could put one of your employees in charge of it. But, you would be wasting your time by not having an effective outsources social media team running it. In fact you would be losing out on potential revenue. Social media marketing and management agencies are able to bring more leads to your business through social media, better and faster than if you did it in house. (Click Here to check out our cost effective social media marketing agency and see if you want us to market your business *wink wink*)


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