Banned Hashtags, You Could Be Using Them

Part of marketing on social media is using hashtags on Instagram. In fact, using eleven or more hashtags on Instagram increases the likes you get on posts.  We all know what hashtags are, but some would be surprised to know that there are banned hashtags.

Some banned hashtags are fully banned, meaning that content will not show up if you search for pictures under that hashtag. As you could imagine, this is used for deeply problematic content that violates Instagram’s terms and conditions. However, there is another kind of banned hashtag that is a partial ban. It limits the reach of your post by not posting it on the discover page or under a search of the other hashtags you used.

You can tell if you have been using banned hashtags by checking to see if you have been getting a steady amount of likes and comments. If your likes and comments have drastically dropped, you have been using banned hashtags.

Additionally banned hashtags aren’t what you think they could be. Here is a list of hashtags you wouldn’t think would be banned but have been banned in the past.







Yep, all these hashtags could be used in small businesses, and a lot of small businesses have been using them without knowing they are banned.

You may be asking yourself, “How do I know which hashtags are banned?” The quick answer is: search the hashtag and if there are only top posts and not recent posts, the hashtag is banned. It is important to not use banned hashtags in order for your content to get in front of your audience.




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