Social Media Management

Social Media Management is Critical for Brand Recognition, Lead Generation and Customer Retention

Running your own business is a ton of work. While you’re being your own boss and taking care of day-to-day business, let us handle your social media for you. 71% of social media users are more likely to buy from brands they follow online. Businesses need to be interacting with other accounts, clients and potential clients to say ranked high on algorithms on Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, a well managed and marketed business account attracts clients to your business. Social Fire will manage your social media channels, creating content, engaging with your consumers, and growing your brand.

What is Social Media Management?

Keeping Engagement Up

Engagement on social media platforms is critical. The more you post and interact on platforms like Instagram, the higher your posts will be ranked on the discover page and on your followers feeds! This keeps your content in front of new eyes, and keeps your content in front of your followers.

Responding to Customer Comments

A quick, branded and authentic response to good comments by your customers will create a strong brand for your future clientele to see. Alternatively, a quick, branded and authentic response to critical comments by your customers can keep customers and change a negative experience into a good one.


Managing social media means that your social media content will all be high quality, correspond to the look and feel of your business, and be cohesive. Branding on social media also entails a brand voice, a recognizable way your business interacts with it’s customers. Branding makes your business stand out from the rest.